August is SMA Awareness Month!

We are about 4 months from SMA Awareness Month.  Due to the overwelming support that we received from our first awareness WOD in December of 2009 we have decided to do it again this year with some strategic changes.

Our target month this year, and hopefully every year there after, will be August.  We are hoping this will bring better weather and less holiday and vacation conflicts.

Now that we have moved to Albuquerque, NM, this will be our new home base for operations.  In no way will this change or effect who and where we want people participating.  We want to take this world wide!  We hope that everyone who participated last year will join us again every year.

This year we also intend to take more of a fundraiser approach.  Any and all donations will be voluntary and will not be mandatory to participate in anyway.  We hope to work closely with the New Mexico chapter of Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy to make it official, tax deductible, etc.

We also may adjust the WOD some to make it a little less...crippling.

More information to come as it unfolds.  If you have any thoughts or ideas, please post them up!  Or just give us a shout letting us know that you are looking forward to participating!  When you post please include the best e-mail address to reach you at.

Thanks!  Hope to talk with everyone soon!

1 comment:

  1. You can for sure count on BattleBorn CrossFit doing it again this year!!!
    What no 200 thrusters - come on crippling or not, it is nothing compared to what the children and famalies who deal with this go through on a daily basis!
    Either way count on us!